BLEU REINE is a home-crafted alternative folk band from Paris, France. Founded by the singer-songwriter Léa Lotz, BLEU REINE’s music combines the early 1990s roughness and a delicate, more atmospheric essence.
As she was still taking classical piano lessons at the age of 16, Léa learned how to play the bass and how to sing, one local garage band leading to another. While those bands requested a full-time angriness and a pretty specific songwriting, at that time Léa already felt the urge to write more songs for herself – songs that would maybe unlock a deeper/more personal dimension. In 2010, she meets a multi-instrumentist and producer who helps launching her proper first band : Diamond Bleach. After 6 years of work that include a bunch of recordings and several shows in France and Germany, the band splits in 2017. As currently framed, 10 years of emotional and musical exploration now result to the dawning of BLEU REINE : a bittersweet journey through ghost towns, out of time love-affairs and bright characters standing on the edge of life.